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General Conditions and Privacy Policy refer to all services directly available at Web site By accessing, browsing and using Web site or any of the applications and/or by making reservation, the visitor accepts and agrees that he/she had read, understood and agreed to General Conditions and Privacy below (Privacy Statement included).

The Web site, its content and structure, along with the online accommodation booking service (hereinafter: the bookings) are owned and managed by business entity Essential Dots d.o.o, Belgrade (hereinafter: and available exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, pursuant o the General Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1. Web Site Content is an online portal available for advertizing accommodation units by all types of temporary accommodation (hotels, motels, hostels, boarding houses; hereinafter jointly: the accommodation facility) available for booking, and Web site visitors may book. By booking over, guest enters a direct (legally binding) contractual relation with the property where accommodation is being booked. From the moment of booking, acts solely as intermediary between the guest and property, transferring booking data to relevant property and informing the guest via electronic message to verify booking for and on behalf of property.

Information provided by when booking is performed is based on the information provided by the property. For that purpose, properties are granted access to the Extranet (through simple sign on with details assigned), being fully accountable for updating prices, availability and overview of other information on accommodation capacities published on the Web site. cannot verify or guarantee that all published information are accurate, complete and truthful, nor may be held accountable for any errors (including, but not limited to obvious and spelling errors), denial of service (regardless if due to temporary and/or partial malfunction, repair, upgrade or maintenance of the Web site or for another reason), incorrect, untruthful or misleading information or lack of information. Each individual property is accountable at any given moment for accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of information (prices and availability included) shown on Web site.

Services are provided for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Therefore, no resale, deep-linking, use, copying, following, presentation, download or reproducing of any content or information, software, product or services available on Web site is permitted for any commercial and competition purposes.

2. Prices 

Prices on Web site are highly competitive. All prices are shown per room, for the entire duration of stay, including VAT and any other levies (subject to changes), unless Web site or electronic message verifying booking stipulate otherwise. Web site offers possibility for property to input promotional prices through the following packages: 

  • Basic

  • Early booker

  • Last Minute

  • Minimum stay

  • Daily promotion provides the possibility to combine promotions within a single purchase and to advertise several different payment modes per each promotion, so that the client may select the best suited option.

Therefore, prices lower than baseline price for a certain stay in property unit may be intermittently available, however such prices defined by the properties may impose certain limitations and conditions. For instance, regarding cancellation or refunds. We are kindly asking all future guests to carefully check information about room and price prior to booking, in order to get familiar with such possibilities. All special offers and promotions are designated as such.

In the event of stricken-through prices, the current prices to be charged by the property shall be considered. That means that a given room is being offered for lower price against other check-in dates in the same season.

The main task of is to facilitate the guest to pay lowest price possible for his/her stay, in the currency used. The currency converter serves as information tool only and should not be relied upon regarding precision and timeliness. Real prices may vary. Obvious mistakes and incorrect information (including typos/spelling errors) shall not be considered obligatory.

2.1. Conversion statement

All payments will be effected in property currency or currency of intermediary company in charge of the property deposit online payment processing (depending on the payment option chosen in the reservation process). These currencies are clearly stated on the reservation data entry page. Given that this website supports all currencies in the world, the exchange rates are generated using complex calculations. Please compare the exchange rate with your national bank rates as there might be some minor discrepancies. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

3. Booking Verification

After booking is done, the guest receives electronic message. The first message is sent prior to arrival to the accommodation facility, containing details on destination, booking details and intermediaries’ contacts. It is recommended that guests take the printed booking confirmation with them on the trip. The second message is sent subsequently after the stay in the accommodation facility, asking for a comment and rating of the facility used.

Booking service over Web site is free, is not charged, nor any costs are added to the booking price (e.g. booking fee).

4. Credit Card Payment or Bank Instruction Transfer

Some properties provide for booking payments (partially or fully, pursuant to the rules for property payments) directly to the property during the booking process using online safe payment system (depending on the offer of user’s bank). Payment is being done through third party safe payment system, directly from credit/debit card or account of the guest, in favor of the account of the property.

In the event of certain prices (no refund option) or promotional offers, the property may require advance payment through transfer (if available) or credit card. Therefore, it might happen that credit card gets pre-authorized after booking and receiving booking verification, or that the money gets withdrawn from the credit card (sometimes without the possibility to refund). Prior to booking, the user should carefully check information about the room and such conditions.

4.1. Refunds

In case of return of funds to the booker who has previously paid by any of the payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, property is obliged to refund solely via the same payment method and credit card used for the deposit payment (VISA, EC/MC and Maestro), which means that the payment processor refund to the account of the cardholder on the request of the property.

5. Services Categorization and Description 

All services quoted on Web site involve standard, average quality services, usual and specific for certain destinations, locations and facilities. In the event that the guests desire services exceeding the offer on Web site, they need to agree on such directly with the facility they wish to visit. shall not be accountable for description of services in catalogues – publications or Web sites of other intermediary and direct service providers for the same facility (e.g. hotels, carriers and other parties), unless such are explicitly referred. shall be accountable exclusively for service descriptions at its own Web site, having that the obvious typo/spelling and calculation errors reserve the right of property to reject booking.

Properties and accommodation units, vehicles and other services are described pursuant to the official categorization of domicile country at the time of offer publishing on the Web site, being different and non-comparable per different destinations or within the same destination. Meals, comfort and quality of service predominantly depend on the accommodation unit price, destination selected and categorization defined by local-national regulations, being outside control and influence of First and last booking days do not involve full day stay of the guest in the property, i.e. at destination. Time of entry or departure from property is defines by the rules of property that need to be adhered to, with the exception of obtaining written permission to enter/depart outside the planned time. may not influence circumstances on border crossings, road traffic, permits by competent authorities, technical and weather conditions or Force Majeure that may influence departure time of vehicle, being outside the influence of, therefore holding no accountability for such events. The first and the last days of booking are envisioned for travel and do not cover full day stay in the property; instead, these dates only designate the beginning and the end of booking, therefore shall not be accountable for evening, night and early morning arrival, departure from the property early in the morning, etc.

6. Accommodation, Meals and Transfer

6.1. Accommodation

- The guest shall receive accommodation at any officially registered accommodation unit within the property, regardless of facility location and position, floor, vicinity of noise, parking and other characteristics.

- Accommodation in the property is defined by the property rules, available to the guest for information on the property page where the accommodation was previously booked. Guest shall not receive refund in the event of temporary or early check out of property at his/her own discretion or act, hotel service price including.

- All accommodation units (rooms, studios, apartments, etc) may be standard rooms pursuant to categorization and regulations of domicile countries, with one or more auxiliary beds (auxiliary bed type depends on the hotel policy), which may influence the accommodation quality.

- Air conditioning use in the properties varies as per destination and facility and does not involve constant 24 hours operation.

- shall not be accountable for damages incurred by guest due to his/her failure to adhere to legislation, prescribed rules, house rules and customs defined by hotelier and other direct service providers.

- After commencing booking, due to unpredicted and justifiable reasons (malfunction that may be remedied within the legal deadline), the booked accommodation may be replaced by accommodation in the property of equal or greater category at booked accommodation location to be covered by without guest’s consent, and in the facility of lower category with guest’s consent, including refund for decreased property category.

- Guest assumes obligation to get familiar and adhere to the rules of conduct in the property, in particular: storing and keeping money, treasures and valuables, taking food and beverages inside the rooms, adhering to house rules, entering and leaving rooms at the given time, number of persons inside the room and other rules, since shall hold no accountability for such events.

6.2. Meals

- Food diversity, quality and service predominantly depends on the price, facility category, destination and local customs, regardless if a service is organized as buffet or menu service.

- Service type (ALL INCLUSIVE or any other type) involves services according to the internal properties’ rules and does not have to be identical within the same category at the same destination.

- If capacity occupancy is under 30 % in the property, buffet service may be replaced by menu service.

- Meals conditions in the property shall be identical, regardless if occupants booked are children, elderly or persons with special needs. In the event that a guest agrees with direct meal provider otherwise at the location, shall not be accountable for inappropriately provided service.

6.3. Transfer

- Transportation and transfers to/from property shall be performed using standard tourist busses or other means of transportation, in line with regulations and criteria in force in the country where carrier contracted by the property for passengers’ transfer is registered. The guest may get informed about transfer services on the property page where the accommodation has been previously booked. Regulations, principles and rules prescribed by the carrier shall apply (e.g. transport in any vehicle shall not involve seat numbering, nor meals and beverages during the travel).

- The passenger shall accept any seat offered in the vehicle.

- The passenger shall instantly cover any damages in the vehicle occurring due to his/her neglect.

7. Travel Documents, Health and Legal Provisions shall not be accountable or obliged to inform guests, citizens of other countries about conditions (visa, customs, health care, etc) in force in destination or transit country; foreign citizen shall acquire necessary information from the competent consular department and provide timely and regularly necessary documents and permits on his/her own. For foreign travel, passenger must have valid travel document, with expiry a minimum of 6 months after the day of travel completion.

In the event that the guest loses travel documents or said documents are stolen, he/she shall at his/her own expense provide new documents in timely manner and bear any harmful consequences due to the fact.

If a quest requires any special services regarding health, due to chronic disease, allergies, disability, etc; such as specific nutrition, accommodation characteristics, additional services, etc, he/she shall agree on such requirements with the accommodation facility directly. Otherwise, shall not be obliged or accountable for damages incurred due to this.

The guest shall strictly adhere to customs, foreign currency and other regulations of transit and destination countries, thus in the event of inability to continue his/her stay and other items, shall personally bear any consequences and costs. recommends that the guest provides travel health insurance. Failure to do so may be the reason for the border authorities to forbid further travel or for the guest to incur high costs of eventual medical services.

8. Privacy respects privacy of a guest. For more information, please see Privacy Policy.

9. Cancelling a Booking

By booking accommodation in the property, the guest accepts relevant rules pertaining to cancelling and failure to show up in the accommodation facility, including any additional conditions (for service provision) of the property that may pertain to booking or be changed during the stay, including services and products offered by the property (terms and conditions for service provision by relevant facility are provided by the facility itself). General rules regarding cancellation and failure to show up in a certain facility are available at Web site, on the property web page, during the booking and in electronic message with booking verification. Certain prices and special offers are not subject to changes or cancelling. Some promotional offers or prices do not provide for booking cancelling or changes, thus the guest shall carefully check if the property rules contain such provisions prior to booking. Booking that requires deposit or advance payment (partially or fully) may be cancelled (without previous notification or warning) if relevant (outstanding) amount(s) cannot be fully collected on the relevant defined payment day in line with payment conditions of property and individual booking. Delayed payment, erroneous account, debit or credit card data, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are under guest’s responsibility and personal risk; thus the guest shall have no right to remunerate any (non-refundable) advanced amount, unless the property accepts different conditions or stipulates differently in its (advance) payment rules or cancellation rules.

Instructions for booking overview or cancelling may be found in electronic message with booking verification. Please, read instructions of the property regarding cancellation, payment and failure to show up prior to booking. Also, please make sure that the remaining payments are made timely, in line with the relevant booking conditions.

10. Accountability of 

Pursuant to the Law, holds material accountability exclusively for the damages incurred, paid or caused by the guest regarding services, up to the total amount of booking costs shown in electronic message with booking verification.

Pursuant to the Law, and its employees, partners, distributors, representatives, agents and other parties involved in creating, sponsoring and promoting or otherwise making the Web site and its content available shall bear no material accountability for:

  1. any punitive, special, indirect or consequential damage or loss, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, damage or loss of goodwill and reputation, loss of right on compensation;
  2. inaccurate (descriptive) data (including prices, availability and rating) on property shown on the Web site;
  3. services provided and products offered by the property;
  4. any (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) damage, loss or cost incurred or paid by the guest regarding use, inability to use or delays of Web site;
  5. any (personal) injury, death, damages of property or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damage, loss or cost incurred or paid by the quest, regardless if such had occurred due to (legal) documents, errors, breaches (gross) negligence, willful misconduct, concealing information, failure to act, misrepresentation, criminal act or violation by the property, or which may be contributed (partially or fully) to said facility (its employees, managers, officers, representatives or partners), including any (partial) cancelation, overbooking, strike, Force Majeure or any other event outside the competence of Web site.

11. Assistance, Complains, Suit and Dispute Resolution 

For assistance, emergencies and other issues including complaints, user may contact on telephone number +381 11 205 64 02, on working days, working hours: 09 – 17 CET or e-mail: support(at) For urgent and similar procedures, a guest needs to note booking number, travel destination, property name, names of passengers, address or telephone number and other contacts.

Likewise, for technical issues and malfunctions the user found on website, Support page provides form for sending message with description of issues, which will receive response from Travelis professional staff under the shortest possible deadline. Message interface is very simple, providing the user history of correspondence with staff. Issues occurring in property on arrival or during the stay are outside the competence of, being subject to the property rules.

The guest shall communicate justified complaint to the representative of property or direct service provider, without delay.

The guest shall cooperate in good faith and patiently wait for 24 – 48 hours deadline to remedy justified complaint on the spot (e.g. refrigerator malfunction, interruption of power or water supply, poorly cleaned apartment, and other shortcomings) and accept proposed resolution in line with the service booked.

In the event that the cause of complaint was not remedied on the spot, the guest and the representative of property or direct service provider shall produce written verification in two hardcopies, entered and signed by both parties. The guest shall retain one hardcopy of said verification.

The guest may not request proportional decrease in price, cancelling booking and remuneration of damages if he/she fails to inform the representative of property about shortcomings of provided services against the booked ones, on the spot, without undue delay, and timely.

If shortcomings are not remedied on the spot, the guest shall submit written and substantiated complaint to (written complaint on the spot, invoices for costs paid, request per types of non-provided services with factual verification and quantification for each individual passenger, witnesses and other evidence) and the request for remuneration of price difference between booked and non-provided or partially provided services within eight days after the last day of stay. shall only consider timely, justified and substantiated complaints submitted by the guest, for which the cause could not have been remedied during the stay, on the spot. shall send written response by the property, which should reimburse price difference, to the guest within 15 days after receiving regular complaint. If a complaint is not regular and requires additions, shall deliver response to the passenger to append the complaint within a given deadline.

In line with the appropriate Business Policy, shall respond to passenger’s complaints being untimely, unfounded or incomplete.

Amount of compensation to be paid for founded and timely complaint shall be proportional to the degree of non-provided, i.e. partially provided service. If a guest accepts payment of compensation in the form of proportional price decrease or another form of compensation, it is assumed that he/she agrees to amicably resolve dispute, thus waives any further claims towards the property regarding disputed relation, regardless if he/she had signed written verification of compensation received, containing the provision on final resolution of dispute. Remuneration of price difference to the guest shall be considered to constitute the agreement pursuant to the Law, General Conditions and Business Policy if the property had offered real price difference for inappropriately provided services to the guest, in line with the Pricelist of the property valid on the booking day.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

Software necessary for service provision used on Web site, along with the intellectual property rights (copyright included) referring to content, information and material on Web site are the property of Company Essential Dots d.o.o, its vendors and suppliers.

Essential Dots d.o.o. reserves exclusive property on all rights, titles and interests with reference to (the intellectual property rights) appearance and style (infrastructure included) of the Web site offering its services; copying or partial downloading, hyper-linking, deep-linking, publishing, promoting, advertizing, integrating, combining or any other use of content or brand is prohibited without explicit written permit.

Any illegal use or action i.e. mentioned above shall be considered material breach of intellectual property rights (including author’s and database rights).

13. Legal Provisions

Pursuant to the Law, General Conditions and Business Policy are subject to and produced pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia. In the event of dispute under the present General Conditions and Privacy Policy and our services, Courts in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia shall be deemed exclusively competent.

In the event that any provision of the present Conditions and Privacy Policy is or becomes void, unenforceable or non-obligatory, all other provisions shall remain. In that event, such void condition shall remain applicable to the extent provided by the Law, and the user shall accept the conditions similar to the ones stipulated by void, unenforceable or non-obligatory provision, in the sense of content and purpose of the present Conditions and Privacy Policy.

14. About Essential Dots d.o.o. and

Essential Dots d.o.o, Belgrade is the owner of online booking system, reserving all exclusive rights on intellectual property over software for bookings management.